Sake Lovers Gift Box


Introducing the Sake Lovers Gift Box, your curated guide to the nuanced world of sake. Perfect for aficionados and novices alike, this collection features a variety of sakes that showcase the versatility and depth of this traditional Japanese beverage.

What's Inside:

  • Brooklyn Kura: Hailing from New York, this American craft sake has a smooth and refined taste, with a well-balanced flavor profile that appeals to both newcomers and seasoned sake drinkers.

  • Little Sumo: This sake is a true heavyweight in flavor but light on its feet. With creamy textures and a fruity nose, it packs a complex yet delightful punch.

  • Lucky Dog: A joyful bottle that delivers fruity notes, like green apple, and a touch of tropical essence. It's the bottle you bring to a celebration.

  • Atago No Matsu: A Junmai sake that features rice-forward notes and a clean, dry finish. Its robust flavors make it a perfect companion for hearty dishes.

  • Snow Angel: This Junmai Ginjo is ethereal in its balance of floral aromas and sweetness, finishing with a crisp, refreshing acidity.

Whether as a gift or an exploration for yourself, the Sake Lovers Gift Box offers a rich and varied experience of authentic and craft sakes, celebrating both tradition and innovation in every sip.

Heads up: Our curated items are from small-batch makers and from independent producers around the globe. Due to seasonal and availability changes, substitutions might occur. Rest assured it’s always just as delicious.

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