Single Malt Straight Rye


This is a rich and spicy one of a kind American whiskey.  It’s a creamy and mouthwatering whiskey full of rye bread and baking spice flavors, with a sweet nose of maple and light vanilla.  Aged between 2 to 4 years in new, heavy char American oak barrels.

What is a ‘single malt rye whiskey’ and why don’t you see more of them? It’s a very difficult whiskey to make. The term ‘single malt’ means that it is a whiskey made from a single malted grain from a single distillery. Most people are familiar with the term for scotch single malts- which are made from 100% malted barley. By law, any whiskey labeled as ‘rye’ whiskey has to be made from a mashbill of at least 51% rye grains and the rest can be any combination of corn, barley, wheat, or whatever. Most people who make rye whiskey will use unmalted rye grains and mix in their own eznymes to convert starches to sugars (to make the fermentable beer mash) or pitch in some malted barley to get this process going. Since malted rye turns into a thick, sticky mess during mashing, many distillers shy away from using it in a higher proportion.  Our whiskey is painstakingly crafted the hard way: 100% malted rye and 100% a unique whiskey experience.