You Are On Native Land Pin


The  ‘You Are On Native Land’ pin is here for your daily fit! Something simple for your hat, jean jacket, backpack, and other accessories.

Urban Native Era (UNE) was started in November 2012 in San Jose, CA by Joey Montoya (Lipan Apache) who wanted to increase the visibility of Indigenous Peoples through social media. He began taking photos and videos of the ‘Idle No More’ movement and posted them online. By May 2013, Urban Native Era released its first set of shirts intended to draw in a broader audience. Today, UNE crafts minimal yet powerful designs to create timeless garments. Made for everyone. 

Urban Native Era is now headquarters in San Francisco.

The 'You Are On Native Land' design is our top seller across all forms of products. The statement ignites conversation, shows solidarity, and gives your outfit a purpose.


FAQ: Is it ok for non-Indigenous people to wear 'You Are On Native Land' products

A: YES. It is a sign of solidarity to wear it and it makes space for Indigenous people in everyday life.

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