Join us for a special tasting event that celebrates the world of alcohol-free beverages. We will be featuring Abstinence Spirits, a South African brand known for their exceptional alcohol-free spirits and aperitifs.

Abstinence Spirits are crafted in Cape Town, South Africa, utilizing botanicals indigenous to the region. Through small batch distillations, unique flavors are extracted without the use of alcohol. Techniques such as maceration, vapor infusion, and hydrosols are employed to achieve their distinctive profiles. Each batch is meticulously blended, tasted, and tested before being bottled.

During the tasting, you will have the opportunity to sample the Blood Orange and Lemon Aperitifs, the Cape Floral and Cape Citrus NA alternatives, as well as their latest release: The Blood Orange Aperitivo Spritz and Lemon Aperitivo Spritz. These offerings provide delicious and satisfying options for those seeking alcohol-free beverages.

Sunday, October 8, 2023


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