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Wellness & Productivity

Need to uplift your team's spirit and focus? Our Wellness & Productivity Box is designed to invigorate both mind and body—perfect for boosting morale or luring your team back to the office.

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Celebrate the Wins 

Looking to celebrate the holidays or commemorate the successful completion of a major project?  It's the perfect way to reward hard work and show appreciation, suitable for both clients and team members.

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 Team Building  

Transform a simple gift into an engaging activity with our Hands-On Box. Designed for team building, these kits—be it a cocktail or matcha—turn the act of receiving into an interactive experience.

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Unwind + Create Gift Box
Unwind + Create Gift Box

Unwind + Create Gift Box


Why people love our gift boxes.   

Support other makers 

We source from local makers and artisans, supporting our community. When you choose our gift boxes, you support independent creators who craft each item with care

Lifestyle Inclusivity 

Our carefully chosen selection appeals to a wide range of tastes, including non-alcoholic options, rare whiskeys, and delicious snacks. We make sure there's something for everyone in our gift boxes, making them perfect for any occasion.

Real gifts not swag 

This is not another hoodie or tote that will get lost in a drawer but quality objects that people will use daily (with the exception of treats!) for years to come. 

Make it an experience  

Take your gift-giving to the next level by including real-life experiences with your order. You can select from a range of options such as cocktail classes or matcha tasting sessions to create a truly unforgettable gift

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Like the products since the first try and now I’m a loyal customer. The material for the backpack here is super durable, and its waterproof ability makes me no longer worry about the rainy season.

Paula Wilson

Great service and quick delivery! Got my travel bag just after 3 days of order, and the special design is a plus point. Now I can travel in my own style! I have to thank you so much for this amazing product!

Kim Westlock

Not really sure if the product meets my needs at first, but after seeing my friend’s hip back on our summer trip, I have no other doubts and need to buy myself one at once. Cannot deny this convenience!

Anna Wilson

Tke a look 

Thick, wide hip belt

When carrying heavy loads, an effective hip belt can stabilize the pack on your body and also handle load distribution.

Water Bottle Pockets

Most regular backpacks don’t have water bottle pockets. Don’t let dehydration interfere with your journey.

Upper Compartment

Hiking backpacks usually have an upper compartment, where you can keep your gear for quick access in emergency case.