Superbloom 2022


Superbloom takes its name from the vibrant wildflowers that burst into bloom in the desert after a particularly rainy season. These stunning flowers are a welcome sign that winter has ended and brighter, joyful days lie ahead.

Now in its fourth vintage, Superbloom is a zero-zero wine, evading any conventional categorization. 

The original idea for this wine was to co-ferment red and white Rhône varieties from a single vineyard, then to keep it completely natural by adding nothing and taking away nothing in the cellar. This wine will usually contain half to two-thirds white grapes and the balance of red.

La Jara's version of a  “California Table Wine.” But don’t be fooled by the humble name. Superbloom is a complex, utterly unique wine that was originally made to express the specialness of Love Ranch vineyard in the Sierra Foothills. The red grapes give this wine a spicy nose and plenty of texture, while the white grapes and beautiful, salted watermelon and rhubarb notes, plus a clean, mineral finish.

Size: 750 ml

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