‘Taisetsu – The Great Snowfall’ Japanese Blended Whisky


Rich, lightly peated single malt whisky, crafted by Akkeshi Distillery of Japan. Ninth release in the 24 Sekki series, made with locally grown Hokkaido barley and filtered Homakai river water. Double distilled in Forsythe copper pot stills, with non-age statement. Aged in a blend of Hokkaido Mizunara oak, ex-bourbon, ex-sherry, and ex-red wine barrels. Sweet, smoky aromas of marshmallow, campfire, vanilla cream, funnel cake, and sandalwood, with flavors of kiwi, grilled Concord grapes, and vanilla bean. Non-chill filtered at 55% ABV.

The 24 Japanese Sekki are days that divide the solar year into 24 equal micro seasons. Taisetsu, roughly translated to “the great snowfall,” starts in early December and marks the period when the days are shortest, the mountains are covered in snow, and animals have begun their winter slumber. This aptly named expression is the perfect accompaniment to the winter season with its savory peat smoke and notes of brewed tea.

Size: 700 ml

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