Amaro Flora Mountain Bitter


An upscale and versatile amaro that straddles the line between an aperitivo and a digestivo, the flavor profile of this floral liqueur is a delicate balance of bitterness and sweetness, making it a pleasure to savor alone or mix with. Consider it as an alternative to Amaro Montenegro or Amaro Nonino.

Crafted by Eda Rhyne Distilling Company in Asheville, North Carolina, this aperitivo/digestivo is infused with 11 botanicals, including wild foraged ingredients such as elderflower, rosehips, rose, and wild angelica. The primary bittering agent is gentian, while the base is fortified with non-GMO corn distillate and sweetened with cane sugar. After being rested for 1-2 months in stainless steel, it presents aromas of gentian, chamomile, honey, and cinnamon on the palate, complemented by hints of lemon verbena, sarsaparilla, and thyme. 

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