Cañada Rum Aguardiente De Oaxaca



Produced by the Krassel family distillery in the high mountaintops of Oaxaca, Mexico, Cañada is an unaged, pure sugar cane juice aguardiente. The complex flavor of Cañada is the result of third-generation master distillers' years of labor in the remote town of Santa Maria Tlalixtac. At elevations of up to 4,000 feet, the makers of Cañada cultivate 100% organic java sugarcane using traditional organic methods, preserving their farmland's integrity.

Upon smelling Cañada, one will note its scents of fresh mango salsa, funky cane juice rum, tomatoes, passionfruit, mangos, anise, brine, and coriander. A taste reveals sweet and herby notes, and a long, minerally finish. Notes of cane juice, tomato, lemongrass, cloves, pepper, cinnamon, rocks, ripe tomatoes and lemon zest linger in the finish.


Size: 1 L

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