Chill Pill


Grapes: Chenin Blanc 

Vineyard: 60-year-old, dry-farmed, head-trained Deanda Vineyard is farmed by Sarah Deanda in the Redwood Valley. Her Chenin Blanc, which dates back to the 1960s, was grafted onto Carignan rootstock, and the seven acres under vine take character from the sandy clay loam soils. The climate of the upland Redwood Valley AVA experiences more of a diurnal temperature shift than surrounding appellations due to a gap in the coastal ridge which funnels cool Pacific air currents through to the Valley. This leads to a more gradual ripening of refined and complex fruit. 

AVA: Redwood Valley

Tastes and Smells:  Wisteria, pomelo, asian pear blossom

Method: Direct pressed

ABV: 11.9%

Cases: 546

Bottling Date: March 2023

Release Date: May 2023