El Pintor Tequila Blanco


Crafted by the world's second certified Maestro Tequilero, (think sommelier) Guillermo Barroso Arnaud. Blue Weber agave are grown at a single estate in the lowlands near the Tequila Volcano.

The region has a rainy season from May to October and receives around a total of 37 inches of rainfall a year. The salt and minerals in the volcanic soils soak in this rain and this provides great nutrients for the agaves growing in this valley. Most feel these tequilas are more “masculine,” with a more spicy, earthy and herbaceous flavor profiles than highland tequilas (Los Altos) which are “feminine” with fruity and floral attributes.

Reposado and Anejo are often the preferred styles for sipping, while most Blanco's are relegated to cocktails like MMargaritas and Paloma's, but when you make a delicious blanco, you don’t need that oak to give the spirit depth, it can stand on its own.

This is the kind of tequila you put in your glass with some ice and keep finding new flavors on each sip. Tons of fresh agave aromatics on the nose with a crisp and clean palate. It’s everything you want in a tequila and more!

Size: 750 ml