Jamón 50% Iberico


Jamon de Cebo is a unique delicacy from La Alberca, Spain. A hybrid breed of 100% Ibérico pigs and the 100% Duroc pigs, it is expertly cured for 36 months to a mouth-watering perfection that should be savored as-is, with your favorite red wine and with your closest friends.

PAIRS WELL WITH: Tempranillo, Heineken, white bread lightly toasted, gently poached eggs

All made with 100% organic ingredients, sourced from Spain, for an exceptional experience!

"We are Spaniards, we are Chinese, and we are food lovers. It all started when both our grandparents moved to Spain and opened restaurants. We grew up fascinated by the local cuisine, especially Spanish charcuterie. In Spain, charcuterie is considered a national treasure but also something to eat everyday—on its own or as a cooking ingredient—as we did...." Learn more about Mercado Famous Founders