Den Blanc Pasteurized


Founded in 2017 by Yoshihiro Sako, Den Sake Brewery is the first sake brewery in Oakland, California. Sako brews small-batch sake using traditional Japanese brewing methods and proprietary techniques adapted for the California climate.

Den Blanc is a new expression of sake made using white koji to create a pleasant citrus-like sourness together with gentle umami flavors. White koji is commonly used for shochu making and naturally produces a higher amount of citric acid. Due to this natural high acid production, the shubo (yeast starter) is made without adding any lactic acid.

A whiff of powder-sugar sweetness is followed by the rush of the acidity-driven aroma of orange blossom, green melon, sour apple, green banana and Koji rice. Evocative of an early summer breeze, it’s refreshing & soothing, yet tasty, with a clean, uplifting finish.


Size: 500 ml

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