Indigo Popcorn


Experience a unique twist on a beloved snack with Marsh Hen Mill's indigo popcorn. These heirloom popcorn kernels are naturally grown and harvested to preserve their wholesome nutrients and distinctive flavor. Indigo popcorn is Kosher and shelf-stable, making them a perfect choice for all popcorn lovers. The kernels are a deep blue, but pop a bright white. This popcorn truly embodies Marsh Hen Mill's dedication to preserving heirloom crops and delivering maximum flavor. Enjoy a bag of stone ground goodness and fill your world with flavor, one kernel at a time.

Marsh Hen Mill is a family-owned and operated farm,  grains are grown naturally and milled slowly to preserve their nuances, and every batch is freshly-made and full of wholesome goodness. With a commitment to the land and heirloom crops, you can trust the quality and freshness in every bag.