'Keichitsu Life Awakens’ Japanese Single Malt Whisky


LRadiate with the passionate energy of Keichitsu – Life Awakens’ Single Malt Whisky! Crafted by Akkeshi Distillery in Akkeshi, Japan, this 10th release from the 24 Sekki series is lightly peated and features locally grown Hokkaido barley. The Homakai River is its source of water, filtered through a layer of peat, then double-distilled in Forsythe copper pot stills. Aging is done in Mizunara oak, ex-bourbon, ex-sherry, and ex-red wine barrels, providing a robustness without an age statement. The aroma is invigorating: butterscotch candy, temple incense, matcha green tea, and white chocolate. Your taste buds dance with Mandarin orange, dark chocolate, and sea salt, culminating in a honeyed finish. Non-chill filtered and 55% ABV.

Ready for your awakening?

The 24 Japanese Sekki are days that divide the solar year into 24 equal micro seasons. Keichitsu, roughly translated to “life awakens,” starts in early March and is the season when the first new buds of spring begin to bloom. Evocative of the season’s first rays of soul-warming sunshine, this sprightly dram is as invigorating as those early spring days.

Size: 700 ml

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