Marigny Mixed Emotions 2022


Marginy wines are natural, low intervention wines. Grapes that are grown with intention on land that is loved. Taking those grapes and making real wine from them. Not always knowing how that wine will turn out. Pulling corks. Pouring glasses. Making new friends and keeping up with old ones. Finding the porch that’s in our heart and sitting on it for a good, long while.

Something special for the 2022 vintage that we’re trying out: A bit of every Marigny wine, blended together to create something new, yet familiar. A Modern Table Wine, if you will. Kinda red, a bit rosé, a touch of skin contact, with the brightness of direct press Pinot Gris. Serve it room temp, chill it or live dangerously and put it on ice. It’s all the feels for every occasion.

11.8% abv

Size: 750 ml