Non Alc Sampler Gift Box


Non-Alc Sampler Gift Box: Dive into the world of sophisticated, non-alcoholic beverages with this carefully curated sampler. Perfect for those who appreciate the craft of a fine drink without the alcohol:

  • Eleven Madison Vermouth: A non-alcoholic take on the classic vermouth, perfect for mocktail vermouth-based recipes.
  • Mini Ghia: A refreshing, non-alcoholic aperitif with a blend of natural botanicals.
  • Phony Negroni: Enjoy the complex flavors of a Negroni, sans alcohol.
  • Lavender Bitters: Add a floral twist to your drinks with these aromatic bitters.
  • Kally Sage Sparkler: A sophisticated, herb-infused non-alcoholic sparkling beverage.
  • Sober Pin: A stylish accessory to celebrate and embrace the sober lifestyle.

This gift box is an ideal choice for the sober-curious, designated drivers, or anyone looking to explore the world of non-alcoholic beverages. 🍹🌿

Heads up: Our curated items are from small-batch makers and from independent producers around the globe. Due to seasonal and availability changes, substitutions might occur. Rest assured it’s always just as delicious.

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