San Zanj Clairin Rum


San Zanj, from Haitian Creole, translates to ''Without Angels" and is a reference to the un-aged nature of this spirit.

This rum & clairin blend is made primarily from an organically grown sugarcane varietal known as Madame Mueze, farmed without the use of chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. The cane is hand-harvested by machete, using only the pure sugarcane juice for fermentation with no sugars being added.

The clairin in this blend is sourced from two clairin-only producing distilleries with the rum coming from a third rum-only distillery, all of which use Creole Column Stills dating back to the 1940's. All three are located in the agriculture rich plateaued region of Port-au-Prince known as Cul-de-Sac and were selected by Master Blender Herbert Linge Barboncourt due to their perfect expression of the tropical dry style of Haitian spirits.


Tropical Fruit & Banana Pudding Notes Yet Clean & Dry

Size: 750 ml