Sotol Ono


Sotol Ono is made from 100 % Dasylirion Cedrosanum. It is handcrafted in Aldama, Chihuahua by Gerardo Ruelas who is a third generation Maestro Sotolero, a central part of a family that has produced Sotol in the state of Chihuahua for generations.

Sotol is a distillate made from the head of the Dasylirion plant, native to Northern Mexico. The word "Sotol" is from the Náhuatl language, meaning "the sweet of the head." Tribes like the Anasazi, Tarahumara, Toboso and Apache have used Sotol for centuries. For 800 years, the Tarahumara have produced Sotol for spiritual ceremonies, led by their Shaman (Onó). Sotol gives a pleasure to the palate. Sotol Ono honors the indigenous people of this land with this distillate.

Tasting profile: The bouquet of pine, mint, and mountain herbs brings a sweeter-than-expected flavor of honeysuckle, jackfruit and a subtle hint of vanilla. But it finishes strong with a vibrant green, pine and herbaceous taste, and a mild bitter note.

45% abv

Size: 750 ml