Spirit Works Sloe Gin


In the UK, foraging wild berries, steeping them in gin, and making a liqueur has been part of a rural family tradition for centuries. Spirit Works Sloe Gin recipe has been handed down through the Marshall family for generations: they start with their signature gin, macerate it with sloe berries until the delicious fruit flavor and color have fully released in the gin. This vibrantly-hued liqueur features both bright berry and citrus notes, combining ripe sweetness with fresh acidity.

Traditionally, sloe gin is served after a meal by itself as a digestif, but its unique color and flavor also combine wonderfully with a wide variety of spirits. It is delicious when mixed with everything from whiskey to agave spirits, but is also wonderful with sparkling wine and makes an incredible Sloe Gin Fizz.

27% abv

Size: 750 ml