There’s a story to be told within the bottle: a light breeze of licorice root, earthy-warm mace, fruity citrus peels and butterfly pea flower. Distilled in a pot still, filled into black, art-nouveau stylized vessels. Come closer and let yourself be enchanted.

*Organically certified*

The blue hue stems from natural ingredients used in our recipe. Clitoria ternatea, also known as butterfly pea flower, is a common ingredient that gives our gin its distinct aroma and as a bi-product turns our gin blue. By introducing the organic Clitoria ternatea as an aroma, along with other organic botanicals in our recipe, the Illusionist Dry Gin ensures we achieve the perfect color and taste with every batch of gin we produce.

We use natural ingredients to achieve the taste and color of the Illusionist Dry Gin so that it retains its hue for you to enjoy until you've consumed the last drop.