Wright & Brown Single Malt B-I-B



Wright & Brown is a craft grain-to-glass distillery in West Oakland using centuries old methods to create exciting new California spirits that stand the test of time. Much of their non-GMO grain is sourced from their family farm in Humboldt County.

Wright & Brown Single Malt Bottled In Bond is the second of its kind in the United States and the exclusive choice on the West Coast. Crafted from 100% non-GMO malted barley grown in California, Washington, and Ireland, this Single Malt is a testament to years of hard work and patience.

Indulge in the rich and chocolatey flavors, accented by notes of pine, dried apple, and warm earth. It evokes memories of family camping trips and cozy nights by the fire, making it a truly exceptional dram.

50% abv


Size: 750 ml